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The Choir: The Reason Why We Sing

That which we do not understand, we are prone to misuse. The truth of this aphorism may clearly be seen in church choir stands all across these United States. Choir members clamor to sing "Top 40" with little regard the scriptural integrity of the music. Click here to download the cover sheet for this workshop.

Me? A Minister of Music
Anyone involved in music in the church is a "minister of music." Music is a ministry. Everyone involved in it is, by definition, a minister. We are all engaged in carrying out our principle assignment, which is to prophesy while accompanied by musical instruments. (I Chronicles 25:1) Click here to download the cover sheet for this workshop.

Music As Ministry
Music ministry may be thought of as a three-dimensional enterprise: praise (height); prophecy (breadth); and evangelism (depth). Praise invokes the manifested Presence of God. Prophecy speaks to those who are saved: edifying, exhorting, and comforting them. Click here to download the cover sheet for this workshop.

Song in Scripture NEW!
The sung praises of God are a prominent feature of Scripture. It has been noted that song is unique among the gifts that God has bestowed upon humanity in that it is the only enterprise given to us on loan from heaven. Click here to download the cover sheet for this workshop.

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This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of gospel "style." It is not designed to replace private, structured study with an anointed professional. Rather, it provides concepts and quick-references that may be used to help the beginning student understand the musical stylings that accompany gospel music in the African-American idiom.

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